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  • Up to 3in (7CM) height boost
  • Reusable & Smell Proof
  • Comfortable Soft Silicone
Boost Size

Experience a comfortable 3-inch height boost with our Propersoles™. Crafted from high-quality silicone, these insoles are designed for all-day wear. They are not only durable but also easy to clean in your washing machine.

When worn under your socks, they remain completely invisible. These insoles are also odor-resistant and compatible with all shoe types.

  1. Elevate with Elegance: Our shoes not only give you a noticeable lift but do so with unparalleled style and grace.
  2. Ultimate Comfort, Enhanced Stature: Designed to elevate your height seamlessly, each pair ensures a snug fit, delivering both stature and unmatched comfort.
  3. Durable Boost Technology: Crafted with precision, our height-enhancing insoles promise lasting elevation without compromising on the shoe's longevity or your comfort.

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RUNNERS 2.0 - 2.4"(6CM) HORIZON - 2.7" (7CM) PRESTIGE - 2.4"(6CM) CLASSIC RUNNERS - 2.4"(6CM) ORBIT - 2.4"(6CM)

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Properkicks offers high-quality height-increasing shoes for men, engineered discreetly with hidden built-in insoles that can boost height by up to 3 inches (8cm). We have shoes for every occasion.

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