2019 - The Dream Begins

Founded in Miami, PROPERKICKS was born from a short man's desire to find stylish and comfortable height-boosting shoes, understanding the power of a 2-inch difference.

2020 - The Launch

In the midst of a pandemic, PROPERKICKS launched its ecommerce site, offering its first collection to the world.

2021 - The Rise

PROPERKICKS gained global recognition as customers celebrated increased confidence and style.

2022 - Expanding Horizons

The brand expanded its product line and reached customers across continents.

2023 - Worldwide Phenomenon

PROPERKICKS is a global sensation, empowering people to stand taller and prouder.


Our mission at PROPERKICKS is to create shoes for everyone, recognizing that even an extra 2 inches can make a world of difference. We're dedicated to boosting your confidence and style, whether you're looking to gain a slight edge or make a noticeable change. Because we believe that looking 6.2, even if you're already 6 feet tall, is simply better. Stand taller, walk with confidence, and reach new heights with PROPERKICKS.